Are you in search of a reliable and experienced financial services provider to assist with opening an account? Look no further, as our dedicated team based in Perth is at your service. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer dependable support throughout the account opening process.

At IFF Management, we are committed to providing superior service coupled with insightful advice. Our goal is to enrich your investment journey, ensuring that every step you take is informed and beneficial for your financial future. Let our expert assistance us guide you towards achieving your objectives.


The Advantage of Partnering with Us

Established in 1981, our extensive industry experience is dedicated to offering our clients premier financial solutions. As a valued client, you will gain from our wealth of expertise in financial planning.

Our services range from crafting comprehensive investment portfolios and advising on tax-efficient strategies to guiding estate planning. We are here to support you at every phase.

Choosing to open an account with us unlocks access to a diverse array of investment opportunities. Our offerings span from sought-after options like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds to alternative investments, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Being our client, you will gain from our extensive financial experience.

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Tailored Financial Strategies

Our goal is to deliver personalized service to every client, ensuring our offerings align with your individual needs. Whether you're seeking to establish an account that reflects your specific investment goals or access our varied account types, we are equipped to provide a solution that suits you perfectly.

We are well-equipped to meet a diverse range of your financial needs. Whether you're looking to set up an account that is specifically aligned with the investment objectives you aim to achieve, or seeking access to a variety of account options, we have you covered. Our services include the provision of three main types of accounts, each designed to cater to different investment strategies and goals.

We understand that every investor has unique requirements and aspirations. That's why at IFF Management, we offer personalized assistance in choosing and setting up the account that best fits your individual investment plan. Whether you're interested in a more traditional investment approach or looking for innovative solutions, our range of accounts ensures we can accommodate your preferences and provide you with the tools and resources necessary to realise your financial ambitions.